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dee の nikki

16 November
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WELCOME TO Furina の nikki

わたしは DEE です。
わたしは 東方神起/동방신기/TVXQとARASHI/嵐 が大好きです。

You can call me Dee^^
maybe you can found me in twitter as @sakuraifacts
I have super interest in KPOP and JPOP, KDRAMA and JDRAMA since I'm in elementary school (about 2002)
now, I have interest in Chinese Drama as well.. I Love XIAOZHAN ^^
Back then, I'm a cassiopeia and KIM JAEJOONG is my ultimate bias.
I’m a fangirl of YG Family especially BIGBANG and WINNER. I love Johnny’s boys too..especially ARASHI.
I'm an ARMY BTS too, Jimin is my bias.
My role model are: Sakurai Sho, Xiao Zhan, and Kim Namjoon.
I’m really enjoying my life with my lovely music and dorama!!
My favorite Japanese actor is Yamazaki Kento, Ikuta Toma, Ninomiya Kazunari!!

feel free to adding me^^~~let's share fangirl lova!♥

Thnx so much to herpandalove for profile layout and homaki13 for LJ layout and super-instan semi FO banner by me dee4hero