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dee の nikki
Got tired of "LEBAY-ers" from KPop Fanatics. 
3rd-Mar-2011 06:31 pm
First, I wanna say sorry to not update this LJ >,<’ *please blame tumblr!!*
Ok..maybe this post will be the most longest that I post in my LJ!

I always stay calm about this thing before, but lately I got tired of this. It’s because some people, they just a newbie in kpop fandoms. >______<
I’m addict to kpop since 2004 (well..isn’t very long time if u compared to many veteran fans^^)

Then..I’m addict to jpop since (last 2008). I’m in both side. I love kpop and Jpop. Basically I’m a person who just cool about the matter of “never ending drama Kpop VS Jpop” . But..lately,I found many ‘over reacted’ of kpop fanatics about their bias debute in Japan. I don’t talked about wheter Jpop or Kpop is better, I just talking about the fans that narrow minded and they just should open their brain and their eyes. Stop compare many things between Jpop and Kpop! I hope nobody needs to feel offended here.

I spent my teens life with fangirling of Kpop. When I’m addict to Jpop, the atmosphere kinda different. If I need to choose now, I’ll choose Jpop fanbase than Kpop fanbase. Really, I get tired of Kpop fanatics, they’re damn narrow minded (well, in this case I’m not talking of ALL Kpop fanatics). They bashing Jpop here and there,well everywhere! even in Tokyohive or arama they bashing too! That’s why I’m toooo lazy for reading some comment there. Full of butt hurting from them. They always start the war with ‘who’s better one” thingy and usually fight everywhere if their bias don’t win in a poll..they showing so much disrespect. =______=’

Something that really annoyed is~ some people said about “ Jpop is pulled from Kpop”. *facepalm* what on earth??! Did they know Japan is the 2nd largest music scene in the world after America???

Just because of their bias sales 100+k copies they think their bias is like GOD?! And then they bashing Jpop,they humbled Jpop. How narrow minded!! They just don’t know anything. Did they know the ‘real’ of Jpop market??? Also even though the kpop group are rising their sales are still quarter of there biggest competitor many of those groups soon disappear due to unfair contracts, like DBSK and KARA. >______< *I feel so sad about this,but this is the fact!*

And something that I learning from Jpop fanbase is: They’re not depend of polling result. Their fans more calm about this matter, but they prove it with BUY the CD single or Album of the artist. And tadaaaaa…1st day sales going to 500+k copies! This is called ‘real fans’.

I’m a TVXQ biased, I’m really proud of them. They got record of “the biggest fanbase in the world’ with 800+k fans. Then…since I’m addict to Arashi, something that make me shock is.. their official fans in Japan more than 860+k peoples!!! Wow..I bet if Jhonny’s and Associated have FREE TIME and counting their fanbase it will be guinnes of record. *sobs*

And something that make me laugh is,they said : “ All japanese TV show that hosting by Jpop ( maybe they wanna said JE) talent is sucks”. Well, did they really watching their show??? How poor! U should comment if u know about them, bitch! If u don’t know anything, just shut up!

Well..for jpop fans I don’t say they not bashing kpop. Some of them do that…but many of them b/c Kpop fanatics baited ( this from my experience).

Really, I;m a kpop fans too. My history with kpop is longer than Jpop. I really tired with kpop fanbase lately, please~ just stop bashing each other (yes. They not only bashing jpop,but bashing other kpop as well). I hate people who’s bashed other but they don’t really know whom they bashed. Well..if u don’t know anything, just leave behind! And don’t contamined other fanbase with ur poor knowledge, especially if u JUST A NEWBIE.

I missed Kpop in 2005-2008 era T___T. Kpop now full of new Boyband and Girlband, with short life in Music industry. Just show up their body~ muscle for boyband, and semi-nude for the girlband despite their “plastic face”

I know very well,every artist have their antifans. But, please Let’s just make music as a “PEACE” building for all of us. And why is that Jpop and Kpop fans can’t get along to appreciate each side’s music instead?? Stop bashing here and there. Well every people have their own opinion, but it's better to give constructive criticism than bashing.

For all Kpop artist who debute to Japan, I hope they will success and KEEP THEIR HEAD DOWN. 100+k copies is still far from the no.1 and maybe they should learning from DBSK how to enter japan’s music industry. If not, their carrier it may last for a few years but will crash and die since many of the kpop groups aren’t taking time to understand the culture or trying to learn the language. They need to learn from Arashi how to build a good relationship between member and how to keep humble. Yes, I’m really respect to Arashi for this matter, and this isn’t biased, it’s facts.

Well..I’m sorry If I’m kinda rude or something or smartass, whatever. I just need to say this. I was disappointed with some of those who vandalizing my sense of peace. Well.. KPOP- JPOP I’m enjoy both of side. Just for many people. I hope u open ur eyes and change ur mindset, from narrow minded to open minded.

Ps: I’m not good in English. 
3rd-Mar-2011 02:47 pm (UTC)
“ Jpop is pulled from Kpop”>>> Haaaa???
Did they know Japan is the 2nd largest music scene in the world after America???>>> Like This

caLm down say..
3rd-Mar-2011 04:32 pm (UTC)
yep..must calm down~ lol
I don't know why..but I feel jpop fans is moreeee elegant!xD
ahhhh..ur icon! hikaru..he's my niban now in HSJ..
replace chinen yuri. XDD
8th-Mar-2011 02:45 am (UTC)
I do not know your comments here kalu .. heheheeh Gomen ..
aiyaaaa ... finally ..
My struggle with hika not in vain ..
huuft ..
yahh replace the others and select Hikaru .. hohohohoo ...
3rd-Mar-2011 04:30 pm (UTC)

/hugs my Arashi bbs forefer ♥♥♥♥♥♥
3rd-Mar-2011 04:34 pm (UTC)
should I put this in tumblr?? xDD
♥ hugs back~~
btw..don't lying with ur icon!! I know u 200% perverted or moreeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
4th-Mar-2011 10:04 am (UTC)

HOW DARE YOU! I'M NOT A PERVY like Aiba-chan



okay maybe i am, only a little bit more xD
3rd-Jul-2011 12:37 pm (UTC)
Wow! Thats a very well spoken post! Nice post! ^.^
9th-Oct-2011 06:48 am (UTC)
thanks! :D
29th-Sep-2011 02:20 pm (UTC)
another k-pop newbie here!
haha, i almost write the same topic as you.
newbie lover and their damn narrow minded sometime make me sick (eventhough in my case not about kpop vs jpop)
there is a story in kpop forum :
a veteran fan plus admin in that forum make a reasonable and LITTLE BIT sinistic commnet about suicide case in korea. than, a bunch of narrow minded newbie make harrased comment and attact that veteran, cause for them anyone anything and anywhere about kpop always perfect. see they too harrased attack 1 person that have a poin another veteran come out ang make comments to make they realize that their mindset are wrong.and war comment started! it's end by banned account by admid.

hahah, my first comment in LJ. btw yan, ini kalo komen emang tulisannya kecil banget ya?? mana backgroundnya pink udah tua ni. matanya rada rabun
9th-Oct-2011 06:51 am (UTC)
LOL!!! that's EPIC STORY!!
newbie never get tired...and now,my AKGAE is the worst.

umm..ini udah dr tmehe nya kak...
yan juga mau ganti theme...tp blom ada yg mau bkinin..lol
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